West Hill Road Moths

Small Elephant Hawkmoth

A warm, still night produced lots of moths in the roof-top trap this morning (32spp. of macro). Highlight being this small elephant hawkmoth, which is the first of this species I’ve had here. Also three elephant hawkmoth, two L-album wainscot, two cypress carpet, a small waved umber, pretty chalk carpet and a Haworth’s pug. The last three species being traveller’s joy (wild clematis) feeders. The only migrant was a silver y.

Elephant Hawkmoth

More photos.

List of Species
Figure of Eighty
Small Dusty Wave
Garden Carpet
Common Marbled Carpet
Cypress Carpet
Small Waved Umber
Pretty Chalk Carpet
Haworth’s Pug
Common Pug
Green Pug
Peppered Moth
Willow Beauty
Clouded Silver
Elephant Hawkmoth
Small Elephant Hawkmoth
Buff Ermine
Turnip Moth
Heart and Dart
Setaceous Hebrew Character
Broad-barred White
Common Wainscot
L-album Wainscot
Shoulder-striped Wainscot
Grey/Dark Dagger
Angle Shades
Dark Arches
Silver Y
Straw Dot
Small Fan-foot

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