Fairlight to Hastings the long way

Today [June 23] I left Fairlight, crossing the main road and passing through Stonelynk and Market Woods. The latter produced Treecreeper, Nuthatch, Marsh Tit and an obliging male Volucells pellucens hoverfly. The path continues to Cliff End, and as the tide was falling I carried on below the cliffs, noting 11 Bee Orchids near the caravan park. Fulmars and Herring Gulls were nesting on the first cliffs, and many Sandwich Terns, a couple of Common Terns and a Med. Gull were offshore.  As I proceeded [with caution!] the tide fell further, sand and pools were exposed and many Periwinkles could be seen on the rocks or trundling slowly across the sand, also lots of Beadlet Anemones in the pools. Bird interest along the crumbling cliffs is slight, but the firmer cliffs around Ecclesbourne Glen again have nesting Fulmars, I didnt encounter any Black Redstarts but was surprised by a pair of Grey Wagtails, the male singing, just west of the waterfall.  After a brief stop in the old town [a close brood of 3 Herring Gull chicks on a rooftop can be viewed from the lift steps], I took the easy way back via Ecclesbourne Glen and Barley Lane. Not much of note, but Small Tortoiseshells were the commonest butterfly.


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